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Transformer Machinery and Solutions

Core Cutting Machines

KPS offers standard or customized core cutting machine configurations.

Winding Machines

Solid frame welded construction. Single or Multiple Wires. Single or Multiple Coils...


KPS Stacking tables are available in 1 ton and 5 ton variants.

Stacking Systems

KPS stacking systems with magnetic belts able to stack with no holes or with holes dropping on pins

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About KPS Machinery
Since 1986, KPS inc. has provided major transformer manufacturers around the world with productive, reliable, and efficient machinery for the production of transformer cores and coils

KPS is specialized solely in servicing liquid-filled and dry type transformer manufacturers with turn-key solutions, tailored specifically to the client’s specifications and constraints. KPS Machinery is differentiated from competing equipment...

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Machine Design

At KPS we do other machine design for various special purpose machinery and application requirement


KPS can retrofit your existing machinery to address malfunctions, wear, and control issues