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KPS Machinery
KPS Machinery
About us

Since 1986, KPS inc. has provided major transformer manufacturers around the world with productive, reliable, and efficient machinery for the production of transformer cores and coils.

KPS is specialized solely in servicing liquid-filled and dry type transformer manufacturers with turn-key solutions, tailored specifically to the client's specifications and constraints.

KPS Machinery is differentiated from competing equipment as follows:


Utilizing advanced servo motion control, high speed optical sensing, and robust components, KPS places the productivity of your machine first and foremost among evaluation criteria.

Core cutters with automatic stacking are available with upwards of 70 laminations per minute.Winding machines can operate at 75 RPM or greater.


Each and every component is selected for optimized life-time, even under harsh conditions.

Sealed bearings, hardened tool surfaces, and sealed control cabinets, are among the features common to all KPS machines, permitting 24/7 operation of our machines.

KPS machines are designed with readily available components, with ease-of-maintenance in mind, for minimized downtime during service.


KPS machines are designed with your entire production process in mind.

Decades of global experience in productive assembly processes have enabled features that reduce task cycles, leading to tangible productivity gains. Available online support can assist to address and resolve any production issues.

KPS is a small team of driven and passionate individuals, which means our clients have our focus and our commitment to supplying quality and results.

KPS's structure and business design enables it to be a low cost, ultra-responsive, and innovative machinery supplier for the most demanding transformer manufacturers.

The key personnel and manufacturing operations of KPS are located around the world: USA (Hickory, North Carolina), Europe (Belgrade, Serbia), and Asia (Mumbai, India).