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KPS can retrofit your existing machinery to address malfunctions, wear, and control issues.

There exist many core cutting machines that have a solid foundation and well-built tooling, but they are hindered by slow hydraulic or pneumatic tool firing, and antiquated control systems.

KPS has overhauled many such machines, by replacing mechanical and electronic components alike, depending on the degree to which the client has wanted to upgrade the performance of the machine.

Similarly, in the case of winding machines, many machines stand to show substantial improvement in ease-of-use, by replacement of traverse and mandrel motors, as well as wire-guide arms and rollers. Such retrofits are often a means to save a considerable amount of cost versus a new machine.

KPS can evaluate and prepare the retrofit components so as to be able to perform the retrofit on site, with minimized downtime.

Contact us for a list of core cutting machines and winding machines, made by other manufacturers that have successfully been retrofit with KPS components and tooling